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How to get leaner, have more energy and live a healthier life.

VIP Private Coaching
Private training sessions and coaching program with Colin Dent
Location: Exe Fitness, Exmouth EX8 1EW
Nutrition Coaching 
Get the expert-designed, personalised nutrition plan you’ve always needed with Certified Nutrition Coach Colin Dent
One-on-One Coaching
A one-on-one training sessions and coaching program with Colin Dent
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Movement for Men

Posture Reset and Alignment.
Build strength that makes daily movements and tasks a breeze.
Master move
ment coordination and efficiency.
Engaging Workouts
Stay motivated and strive for continuous improvement.
Benefits you won't want to miss out on:
✨ Enhanced movement quality ✨ Improved posture and reflexive strength ✨ Increased functional strength and mobility ✨ Enhanced coordination and body awareness ✨ A supportive community

Location: Hands-on-Health
uth EX8 1DL 
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About Colin Dent

Colin Dent

Fitness and Nutrition Professional

Hello, my name Colin Dent

I work with adults over 40 (and others), to look and feel great.  I'm committed to offering you quality services…one-on-one coaching, nutrition coaching and workout programs that deliver results.

When it comes to helping clients achieve their goals, I believe in keeping things as simple as they need to be, and I focus in on the essential elements that will allow you to progress.


I consider it an honour to change lives and I am dedicated to making a positive difference to the people I work with. I take your goals seriously and I want the best outcomes for you.

Making changes can feel daunting, life is unpredictable, and finding the right balance is challenging. I can show you how to get started and how to progress, with reasonable and repeatable practices that will work for you!

If you are ready to show up and go! book a consultation so we can discuss the next best step for you.


Advanced  Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Exercise Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist; Pilates & Yoga Instructor.


Certificates and Courses​

Dip.Ex.Sc - Advanced and Higher Certificate in Exercise Science (HFPA, Council of Higher Education)​ 

CNC - Certified Nutrition Coach (National Academy of Sports Medicine)


Sports Conditioning with Speed, Agility & Quickness (HFPA, Registered by the Department of Education)


Training in Different Environments (HFPA, Registered by the Department of Education)

NASM Senior Fitness Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

AFAA Practical Pilates Instructor Training (Athletics and Fitness Association of America)


AFAA Practical Yoga Instructor Training (Athletics and Fitness Association of America)

2019 & 2021 OS Certified Pro Level 2 Coach 


2019 Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification

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